About Us

Coach Cycle is a unique sports coaching service that allows members of the public to search for coaches or coaching businesses via our map directory. Coaches can then also post video tutorials on any sport they coach in, to advertise their coaching.

Our site has been launched with a variety of sports chosen for their popularity, and this list will expand over time to accommodate a range of other diverse and international sports, as chosen by our growing coaching community.

We understand that learning a new sport or developing a skill set can often be a costly process. Here at Coach Cycle we promise to ensure you have a variety of coaching options to choose from, Coaching Style or Price Range we have it here.

By creating an account with Coach Cycle as a coach: you will be able to upload your own coaching videos and tips to your profile page to advertise your coaching to new clients

Benefits for coaches & businesses:

  • Sport coaches can use an expanding library of sport coaching videos
  • Sports coaches & businesses can add their own videos and receive £0.50 per video sale from signed up users
  • Sport coaches can network with other sport coaches, developing and sharing new innovative ideas
  • Sport coaches are encouraged to enhance their public profile and/or business through their videos, tips and forum discussions
  • Sport coaching businesses can advertise new job vacancies through the platform to coaches

As a signed up user you can search for coaches and businesses through our directories, as well as view many other coaching methods through videos and tips.

Benefits for singed up users:

  • Step by step workouts are explained in detailed tips for you
  • Discover new coaching/fitness ideas via our forums
  • Search and watch coaching videos in so many different sports for free or purchase professional videos at only £1 per video
  • Your opinions matter! Leave comments and direct messages to coaches/businesses and ask questions to our coaching community and they will respond
  • We never sleep - information is available 24/7

With access to all this coaching information you'll definitely find a coaching style or answer that suits you. Coach Cycle online coaching service truly means, “Sports Coaching - Your Way“.

Other Benefits for all:

  • Discover new ideas to improve existing coaching sessions
  • Find more economically viable coaching solutions through our platform
  • Enjoy unprejudiced access to the world of sport. Coach Cycle is for those of all ages, gender or ability