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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can always communicate with coaches/coaching companies before booking coaching via our platforms message system on website and apps.
Yes as a coach/coaching company you will be ranked by how experienced you are via uploading your coaching certificates to Coach Cycle. Once we determine your Coach Cycle level (Beginner, Intermediate, Professional) you will then be able to upload free and maybe paid videos. You will then receive 50% of every paid download of your coaching video.
Yes you can message coach/coaching company and reschedule a session to meet both your times and dates to then receive coaching on a new date planned.
On sign up you and coach/coaching company will both have to upload your details for PayPal. When you book your sessions with a coach/coaching company, Coach Cycle will then hold your payment until you sign off and say your sessions are completed by your coach/coaching company, we will then release the payment to the coach/company.
Tips are used by coaches/coaching companies to give participants/users a snippet of a coaches/companies style and knowledge. If you like the tip posted by a coach/coaching company you may go through to their profile and watch one of their free/paid videos, message them, or even booked coaching with them.
Yes we absolutely encourage anyone to post a question about sports coaching, this will not only answer your question but also give you an array of answers, in which one answer from a coach, just might make it easier to understand, meaning you may have just found the coach/coaching company for you!
Yes, for coaches to ask questions to better enhance their coaching is not only good practice but free! Have a search around the Coach Cycle coaches via the forums and tips and go through to a coaches/coaching companies profile and see how they coach.
Yes all coaches/coaching companies will have to upload: Coaching Certificates, Coaching Insurance Certificate, First Aid Certificate, and a Police Computer Criminal Record Check Certificate called (A Basic Disclosure) through Disclosure Scotland, if coaching children. We really encourage as a must, all parents to be with children when being coached 1-1! If you are booking with a coaching company and they are coaching a group of children, each coaching company will have their own DBS checks and child safety procedures in place!