Become A Coach

A coach can sign up to become a Coach Cycle Coach, creating:

- User name
- Location
- Sport they coach in
- Upload Coaching and Insurance Certificates
- Upload Videos and Photos of your Coaching
- Experience
- When available to coach


Once a coach has secured a client, they can then message back and forth with client keeping them up to date with sessions information and changes/rescheduling



Coaches are encouraged to update their coaching tips and connect with users on forums and their posted video comments, to answer questions they have asked, to increase a client booking with them for 1 to 1 coaching and increase their site participation levels as a whole to the Coach Cycle Community .


Once coach has completed coaching and client has signed off, coach will then be paid for services fulfilled.


Extra Revenue

As well as 1 to 1 coaching, coaches who have passed our professional criteria, have a 2nd revenue option. Coaches can upload 5-7 mins professional coaching videos and can take a 50% cut from the £1 per sale of that video download.